Personalised Business Emails

build awareness, recognition, and most importantly, trust through proffesional email addresses

Advantanges Of Personalised Emails

Organizations are constantly fighting for customer eyes and dollars. This is especially true via email, where inboxes are flooded with company communications, potential business deals, and memos. Emails are an essential tool to building and maintaining relationships with customers, as well as continuing relationships with vendors and partners. Email's flexibility allows organizations to keep those relationships working. Although there are other tools, email is the most powerful and commonly used tool out there. Personalised Emails help your business in the following ways.

Brand Recognition

Utilizing a company-specific domain name allows your business to be recognized quickly and remain top-of- mind among prospects and clients. For example, if Joe Maruva is the CEO of retail shop quickshop, he will tout a email address, rather than By connecting the dots between brand name and email address, small businesses will build awareness, recognition, and most importantly, trust, protecting a company's overall image as an organization that is professional and eager to do business.

Many Zimbabwean businesses are now connecting and engaging with their customers and prospects primarily via the web, an email address often is the primary reflection of a brand. The lack of a dedicated domain name negatively reflects your organization, as well as employees' professionalism. In fact, 75% of people form judgments about others based on their email address, according to research. These findings are even more problematic for your business as you are constantly vying for customer and prospect attention in this competitive business world.

Professional Image

Your business runs the risk of seeming less professional or may be taken less seriously if you use generic email address. You also may not be able to conduct business with other companies, as some companies prohibit email communication with a address that have a generic name such as @gmail, @yahoo. Without professional business emails you risk your company been flagged as a brief case business.

Setup emails for various departments and staff

Save time and hassle by helping people contact the right person in your company for their specific requirements, eg. You will be able to setup an email address of your choice without being forced to add other unnecessary letters to find an available email address. Even more your email address will be easier to remember. An easy-to-remember address, like, means making it simpler for clients to contact you.

  • Accounts department –
  • Admin department –
  • General inquiries –
  • Your staff –

Email address for life

Getting a personalized domain name is an important step, and a significant investment. Once you've finally chosen that all-important domain name, you can continue to renew it for as long as you need. Wherever you go, people can always contact you at the same email address!

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