Moving with times

Technology is fast evolving and for businesses to stay afloat and competitive they need to constantly restrategize and redesign their website

As businesses grow and the industry changes - website redesign is essential to keep up with the current trends. Our objective is to help our clients redesign their websites to give them a modern feel and increasing their conversion in Zimbabwe. Some of the redesign services we offer include page redesign, redesigning to fit mobile devices, redesign strategy & consultation, migration of databases, rework on images and graphics and copywriting.

Why Redesign Your Website

Website redesign can greatly enhance your web presence if done the right way by the right professionals. When redesigning a website you are bound to do a complete analysis of the current website to come up with some very crucial points of improvement. These changes are likely to improve your websites traffic attraction and conversion rate therefore increasing your online sales or business lead generation. Some of the main benefits of a Website Redesign include:

  • Engage your customers with a fresh modern look & useful content.
  • Compliance with the current international design standards.
  • Compatibility with browsers and devices.
  • Faster loading & download time.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Search Engine Optimisation benefits.
  • It gives you a competitive advantage.

Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

Often enough, its not easy for businesses to decide whether they need a Website Redesign or not. We have compiled a basic checklist to help you decide whether a website redesign is needed. A website redesign is necessary if:

  • The current websites’ design has become obsolete and looks old especially in comparison to competitor websites
  • The site’s technology is old and does not take advantage of the latest advances in online technology.
  • The site’s security is compromised and needs an overhaul to protect against hackers, spammers and malicious viruses.
  • The site was not well constructed from the beginning and the mistakes can no longer be tolerated in these highly competitive times.
  • The website is difficult to navigate and its hard to find information?
  • the current website visitors aren’t converting into sales?
  • the website is no longer a perfect representation of your business or brand image?
  • The websites is not cross browser and device compatible.

Who we are

Elitepages a web service and website design company based in Zimbabwe with an obsession to offer affordable and top quality services to small and medium enterprises.